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The Ultimate Success Formula, written by Fletcher Ellingson

I have been fortunate in my life to have people who gave of themselves in order to make a difference in my life. They were willing to help me, teach me, mentor me, and model how to create a fulfilling life. As a result, the trajectory of my life was forever altered.

I am about to share with you some of those most powerful tools. These tools allowed me to go from a life where I had $20,000 in credit card debt, was unemployed had a mortgage, three kids, and an income that qualified us for food stamps; to a life that allowed me to pay off my debt, help build a multi-million dollar national business and provide for my family’s needs and wants.

Welcome to the Ultimate Success Formula. What you will find in this document is so powerful that it has allowed men and women to create billion dollar empires such as Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and Harpo Productions. It is what is behind every successful small business as well.

It is what allowed Rotary International to completely eradicate polio. It is what peacemakers such as Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela embodied and practiced. When this success formula is followed, people can create the marriage of their dreams and financial abundance. They can follow dreams of education and create health and vitality.
This is the Ultimate Success Formula. Follow it and create the life you have been dreaming about. Let’s get started!