An opportunity to rekindle, reconnect and reimagine your love relationship. 
Discover what’s missing or what has been getting in the way of having a love relationship where you feel like you are the most treasured person alive!

Things you might be saying about your relationship:

  1. I don’t feel heard.
  2. He/she doesn’t listen.
  3. We hardly have sex anymore.
  4. I don’t feel like I can be completely honest with my partner without getting in a fight.
  5. We don’t’ have fun anymore.
  6. I feel lonely.
  7. I want to feel loved and respected, but I don’t know how.
  8. I am worried we are on the path to divorce.
  9. Every time we try and talk about something, it turns into an argument.
Couple laying in bed with arms crossed and looking away from each other

Course Structure:

This is a 60 day program that includes 11+ hours of direct interaction with your instructors.   The first 4 weeks you will be meeting with Fletcher and work through his coaching program.  The next 4 weeks consists of two longer sessions with Fletcher and his wife Dr. Amy Ellingson.  In these sessions, you will really create who you are for each other and practice hearing each other in a whole new way.  There is also an optional 1-hour session with Dr. Ellingson for couples wanting specific coaching on rekindling their intimate relationship.  If location allows, these sessions will be done in-person.  Online video sessions are an option as well.

Outcomes you can expect from participation in Relationship Reboot:

  1. A new level of authentic self-expression in your love relationship.
  2. Clarity about who you are as individuals and what you are creating together.
  3. A profound feeling of connection and ability to create connection.
  4. Tools to generate trust and intimacy.
  5. Healing wounds from the past to open up space to create a bright future that you can both look forward to.

Contact us to sign up!


  1. How much does it cost?  $799.
  2. How do I sign up?  Once you know this is the next step for you and your partner, email Fletcher at and he will get in touch with you.
  3. What are the dates and times available?  Dates and times are flexible and will be mutually agreed upon once you are decided on doing the program.
  4. What if we are not on good-enough terms to participate together?  Ideally, the sessions are done together.  Fletcher will do one session for you each individually and at that time it can be addressed if you think you cannot do the program as a couple.
  5. Does the extra session regarding intimacy cost extra?  Yes.  This is an extra session for couples needing help getting things re-kindled in the bedroom.  Dr. Ellingson has worked with patients in her practice on this issue for years and can help you take the steps needed to regain trust, interest, and enjoyment.  This session costs $200.