I’ve been there. 

$20K in credit card debt, a mortgage, family of five, no income, and food stamps.
Maybe you have been there or had it even worse. Perhaps you can imagine the stress and panic a person feels when they find themselves in a situation where they have debt and no income. That was me. My business had fallen apart and we were stuck with the debt and no immediate way to generate income. Our situation was dire enough that we qualified for food stamps. It was a low time in my life and yet now, I am grateful it happened. That desperation and despair sparked something in me. I had to begin considering other options and do so quickly! I had to get into massive action and open my mind to the advice of others. Ultimately I had to change my thinking…again. We had taken a huge risk in pursuing our dream of starting a family business. We believed we could do it and we gave it everything we had. But what we didn’t have was the needed knowledge about what it took to run a business. So like the majority of small businesses, we were not able to keep it going and closed up shop after a few years.

It just so happened, that a friend of mine was also at a crossroads in his life. We both needed to find a way to generate income. So, together we approached a 3 person website firm in our small town of 5000 people. After an afternoon meeting in the park, the owner of the business hired us, without pay, on a three-month trial. Our goal was to sell a web product outside of our small town and on a statewide level. We dove into this opportunity and were quickly selling all over the state and in other Western states as well. This was uncomfortable territory for me. I was scared, full of doubt, and wondered how in the hell I was ever going to create success. On top of that level of discomfort, I decided to take a bigger risk and flew to Sedona to literally cold call and go door to door with this opportunity.  One night, in my small hotel room, feeling lonely, tired, and defeated I came across an infomercial on the TV that caught my attention. I thought I had always been a pretty positive and optimistic person. So why was I in this funk? Why had I not been able to create the life I really wanted? Or did I even know what I wanted? I watched the infomercial in its entirety and was convinced that there was more to life than this and that I was missing the key elements needed to turn my life around. I located a bookstore about 30-40 minutes away that was still open in Flagstaff and I jumped into my rental car to go and purchase the book the infomercial had been pitching.

It was Tony Robbins’ book, Awaken The Giant Within, and I read it from cover to cover.  That book spoke to me and from that moment, the trajectory of my life was immediately altered. I realized that I had the ultimate power in my life and was capable of creating anything I wanted. We paid off our family’s debt and helped grow that small 3 person company into a 19 person, multi-million dollar business. In fact, it’s revenue is in the top 5% for small businesses in the entire country and it is still going strong today!