Speaking – Seminars – Workshops

I am passionate about inspiring people and organizations to reach a higher level of performance.
For 25 years I have been speaking, entertaining, and challenging people from educational institutions and businesses to non-profits and individuals. I help them step into their potential using time- tested and life-changing principles.  

When you need a powerful and engaging speaker for your event with a broad range of topics call me. 

Keynote Presentations

  • Courage: How to break through the fears that are stopping us.  We all have fear. We face it in our job, our personal relationships, and our dreams.  How can we step into courage and manage fear? Join me in this important conversation as we take a look at what stops people and what it is that can set them free. 
  • Victor, not Victim: From Food stamps to a Million dollar company and the lessons I learned. A personal story of rising from the ashes.
  • The Rejection Experiment: How I learned how to handle rejection by intentionally seeking it out from strangers. 
  • What I Learned from Fooling People: Incredible lessons from 20 years as a professional magician and how to apply those lessons to business.
  • Momentum: What is it, why we need it, and how do you create it?
  • Willpower: Deconstructed, demystified and available for the common person.
  • Who’s Driving This Thing? An introduction to what I call the unseen forces. Discover what is actually influencing your decision making and is responsible for the results in your life.
  • Burnout: Symptoms, signs, and solutions. Burnout is different than being stressed out. Let’s look at the differences, the dangers, and discover what can be done to avoid or recover when burnout happens to you or your associates.


  • Diabetes Smackdown – The UltimateSolution: Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? Your body is AMAZING and is trying to do the best it can to help you live a long and joyous life. Find out how to reverse your diabetes in this weekend seminar.
  • What Happened to the Love? A powerful journey of Reconciliation, Rediscovery, and Revival.
  • High-Pe