Day 18.

“Can I lay down in one of these caskets?”  That’s what I asked the gentleman who was giving me a tour of the funeral parlor. It was a building that I passed multiple times a day. I’ve often wondered what it looks like inside. They keep the outside so well manicured. So I stopped and went inside. I met Steve and he showed me around at my request. Then we came to a hallway. He pointed to a door at the end of the hallway and explained that behind that door were the caskets. He asked if I wanted to go in it.

Well I sure did because I wanted to ask if I could lay down in one! He didn’t know that of course. We went in and there all sorts of caskets maybe 10 or so. All priced differently. I had no idea that caskets could run up to $10,000. There were other models of course that were less. I asked if people come in to shop for them. He explained that they do. People do plan for their death and this is a part of it, if you are the planning type that is. I asked if people ever lay down in them, you know, to see which is more comfortable. He laughed heartily and said “I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone do that before.” There was my opening. I laughed a little with him and then asked ” Well can I lay down in one?

Steve stopped laughing and with a straight face said “No.” Ok, I said. They were awfully nice. Probably don’t want people and their dirty shoes in them and what not. He finished up answering my questions and I was on my way and feeling good!