Day 17.

Time to pick up crickets for the gecko. I am not a fan of having animals in a cage (just had to say that), however we did inherit a gecko and the little guy, Larry, eats crickets. Well, he was due for some food so I stopped by the our local cricket provider. Usually there is a person who retrieves the crickets from behind a closed door. Then they emerge with a dozen little critters in a clear plastic bag. This time instead of waiting at the door I asked if I could retrieve the crickets myself. I was curious as to where they were housed. How did they actually catch them and count them out, I wondered.

So I asked, “Can I catch the crickets”
She looked at me paused just a second and then flatly replied “no”.
“Oh,” I said. To which she replied,
“Store policy.” and shrugged her shoulders.
“Ok, well can I go into the room and see where the crickets are?
“Sure.” she said.

So I did go into the cricket room. There were a few big garbage cans, the 50 or 55 gallon type plastic garbage cans. They didn’t have lids and in the middle were some sort of structures that I think had food on them. And it was cricket city in those cans. They were all just jumping around and having a good ol’ time. I asked if they ever get out and she said lots of them do and you will see them around the store. Sure enough, once I left the room I saw two or three crickets on the floor in different areas of the store.