Day 14.

Today I asked a stranger if I could change the ringer on their phone to one of my choosing. He did not miss a beat. “No, I don’t go in for any of that magic stuff or camp shows.” Perhaps he knew I was a magician. I am not sure. I didn’t ask but did ask what he meant by “camp shows”. He explained that he had no intention or desire to be secretly filmed and then put on some show or social media channel which left him looking like a fool or being pranked.

Ah ha! I get this. This was very clear. While I know the rejection is never about me and it is always about the other person it was extremely clear in this case. He did not want to be duped and was wary of me thinking that my intent was to dupe him. No one wants to feel foolish. It we are seen as foolish we could be rejected…It all comes full circle. I appreciated how upfront he was.