Day 13.

I recently had a person come to our home to take some measurements of rooms for a project. Since she was there I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to make a request. So I said to her “Hey before you leave would you mind helping me with something?
“Sure” she said. “What is it?”
“Since you have your measuring tape out, would you mind measuring how tall I am and marking it on the doorway? We keep track of it on the doorway in my bedroom.”
Now I know how all that sounds… very strange and why wouldn’t I just ask someone in my family to do it. Exactly the reason I asked.
She actually answered quickly and said “O.K.” So we went into my bedroom and she proceeded to measure how tall I was and mark it on the doorway where all the other measurements were of our children. Then I asked her,”Hey would it be alright if I measured you and added your name and mark to the doorway? “Ah, no that’s alright. You don’t want mine up there.” I sensed that was definitive and so didn’t push it. I thanked her for her assistance, we shook hands, and off she went. One more RE I get to check off. Again, even though this was not a big deal I still felt uncomfortable, still worried about looking foolish, appearing weird, and ultimately feeling rejected. I’m still learning. 🙂