I had been losing weight consistently for a few months but am now stuck and can’t lose this last 12 pounds. I’m frustrated and don’t know how to reach my goal. Please help! 
Elizabeth, first off let’s celebrate the win of you being in action and creating change in your life! Taking action makes all the difference. And, feeling frustrated is just a message telling us that something is not the way we want it, not the the way we envision it. So, let that frustration be a source of motivation to you. It is telling you that you are still in the gap that exists between where you are now and where you want to be.
Here are a few suggestions I have seen work for many others in your situation.  First, I want to ask you to change your focus regarding this matter. Instead of focusing so much on losing weight, what would happen if you truly focused on creating health and vitality? When we shift our focus to creating something positive, rather than fixing something negative, it can free us from negative patterns of thinking and behaviors that don’t serve us. Clearly envision yourself creating health and taking care of your body.
Second thing to consider- shake up your current routine.  Your body is incredibly smart and efficient. It is determined to hang on to as much weight as it can. So, if you have been eating the same way for a while or exercising the same way, it might be time for a change. You may need to add in weights if you haven’t yet or adjust to 45 minutes of walking if you have been walking 30 minutes.  Change up your routine and you will likely get new results. You may want to model what other successful people are doing to get results and who have had to break through different plateaus. Ask them for help and stay persistent.
Lastly, consider what may be getting in the way of you losing those final pounds.  Are there some habits that are still around that don’t serve you? Journaling can be a helpful method of figuring this out.  To recap- shift your focus to creating health and vitality; change your routine; and get in touch with any disempowering habits.
You can do this Liz, stay in action. I believe in you!