Day 12.

Not sure why I thought of this one but when I did it amused me and I thought it would surely result in rejection. I knew I would be in a larger town in a few days which would be the perfect opportunity to do it as they had a furniture store there. When I entered the furniture store I walked straight back to the mattress department and began perusing. The salesperson was assisting a couple on the other side of the showroom so I just hung out and perused until she was available. It took longer than I thought and at one point my mind began with the thoughts… This is taking too long, I have errands to run and my partner is waiting out in the car. Fletcher, you are just going to waste her time anyway.

I actually started to walk out of the mattress department and realized that I was starting to run on autopilot. I would have walked right out of the store having justified it all. Instead I turned around and went back to the area. The sales assistant was now by the entrance so saw me. Her other clients were laying on a bed trying it out. So she had a moment to address me. “Is there something I can help you with?”
“Yes, I was wondering if I could test out one of the mattresses? Specifically I would like to bring in my blanket and headphones, play some music and take a nap for about an hour. Would that be alright?”
“You would like to take a nap?” She said with a surprised look on her face.
“Yes.” I confirmed. I would like to take a nap with my own blanket, and listen to some music. Just for about an hour or so.”

She had a laugh and then told me that they did allow people to simply take the mattresses home and try them out and if for any reason they wished to return them they could.
I explained I was really looking to just take a nap in the store with my blanket and music. At that point the woman laying on the mattress behind her piped in. “That sounds like a good idea.”

Then then salesperson surprised me by saying “Sure, I guess that would be alright, but Monday would be a better for that as it is a slower day.”
I thought for sure this would be a flat out rejection. Wow, again, it just goes to show you. You never know.