Day 11.

I had a piece of furniture delivered to our home the other day, and as the two gentleman were moving it into the house I thought to myself “Ah, perfect opportunity for a rejection experiment.” But what do to? I went over to the window and peered out at their truck. I could ask for a ride in their truck. Now I have begun to notice what my mind does when I begin considering a rejection experiment. Once I considered asking them for a ride the next series of thoughts entered my mind in an easy casual succession: That’s not a very interesting rejection experiment, they probably are on a tight schedule and wouldn’t have time for it, why don’t you pass on this one and choose to do one later on today.

That all seemed reasonable after all those were all likely true… WAIT A SECOND! I almost fell for it. My mind almost tricked me. It determined I was about to wander out of my comfort zone. It sensed that even a mild rejection could be in the immediate future and it so kindly offered a few opinions to dissuade me from making the request. The suggestions came across in such a friendly manner that I barely noticed them and almost accepted the advice from that old friend. But fortunately I caught it. I caught resistance in it’s disguise and saw through it’s plan. I knew I had to do it. So as I signed off on the paperwork I mentioned that I had a request.

“Sure, what is it” He asked?
“I was wondering if I could go for a ride in your truck?” I responded. I expected he would say they are on a tight delivery schedule and with all the snow they couldn’t do it. Or, no we have policies which don’t allow that. Instead he didn’t miss a beat.
” You bet. Where do you need to go?”
I hadn’t thought that far ahead as I wasn’t expecting a ride. So I told him, “How about just around the block?”
“Oh, OK. No problem.” he stated.

So I got into their big white delivery truck and off we went. He told me to let him know where to go and I confirmed just literally around the block. I told him the three turns to make and we had a short chat and then we were back at my house. I explained to him why I made such a seemingly non-sense request. He thought it was pretty cool. I thanked him for his time and went back into my house. I feel good. Lessons learned and one more RE down!