Day 8.

Ever been waiting in line and had someone take cuts? Remember when we were kids? “Hey, no cuts! Get in back of the line!”
Well today I decided to take cuts.  I was waiting in line to order a cup of decaf coffee. There were three or four people ahead of me and I was at the end of the line. I tapped on the shoulder of the person in front of me. ” Excuse me,” I said. “Would it be alright if I went before you for no good reason?” She gave me a quizical look and then said, “Why not?”, and she stepped aside and let me move up in line.
“Thanks.” I said, as I smiled at her surpised at her wililngness. I noticed the woman in front of me was staring at me and looked concerned or maybe annoyed that I had just made that request. The first woman then said to me,
“Do you want to go in front of her too?”
“Oh, I do. Are you two together?”
“yes” she replied.
So I asked the second woman. “Is it ok if I go in front of you too?”
“No.” she stated emphatically. “Are you in some sort of hurry or something?”

I then explained the reason for my request and proceeded to ask each of them why they answered as they did. What ensued was an interesting and friendly conversation. The second woman seemed to resist the idea but had lots of questions, and offered some advice. Then invited me to sit with them to discuss some more.
This RE challenge was interesting as it required someone to give up something (their place in line) for no apparent reason other than I asked. One yes and one no. I enjoyed the conversation and calmed down quickly. I had been nervous to make the initial request. In fact a realized once I left my body was sweating quite a bit. It had been reacting to what it perceived as danger. I have noticed that each time I do this my body responds that way, as if there is some sort of threat of danger.

How much have I limited myself in the past because of fear of rejection? Oh man… heaps and heaps and heaps!