Day 6.

On an early morning walk through a beautiful neighborhood in Southern California I passed by a house that sat up off the road. I was at just the right angle that I could see they had a ping pong table in their garage and the garage door was open. I thought to myself, I like ping pong and I have to make a request. Maybe someone would indulge me in a game. So I walked up to the front door and knocked which set off the dog barking. A woman quickly came to the door and grabbed the dog, while a man slipped outside and shut the door behind him. I introduced myself and let him know that I was in town visiting family down the street. I had been enjoying my morning stroll, spotted the ping pong table and then he finished my sentence by saying,

“You though you would see if anyone was up for a challenge?”
“Yes, exactly.” I said.
He then proceeded to question who my family was, which house they lived, in, what kind of car they drove, etc. Apparently all my answers checked out. He then said
“Well the person you should really play is my high school son. Hold on I’ll get him.”
He went back in and hollered to his son who then came through the garage door. I introduced myself and we played one game which he won. I was ready to thank him and move on and he invited me to play one more. So we played a second which he also won. After that I bid him Merry Christmas and was off to finish my walk.

Definitely was out of my comfort zone on this one as it required crossing physical boundaries. Meaning I was crossing from public property (the public road) onto their private property. And should they say no… it would require walking away across their private property. All psychological and feels very real.

I want to add at this point that I actually didn’t know what I would learn during this overall experiment. I am learning, even at this stage, way more than I expected!