There is a simple yet powerful step by step methodology that will allow you to attract new levels of health, creativity, connection, wealth and an overall joyful living experience in both your work and personal life. The fact is that you have everything you need within you right now and it’s just a matter of tapping into it to begin creating your feel good life. If this is possible, that you could become more intelligent, more emotionally attuned, more effective in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships, would you agree that learning how to harness this power within you would be one of the most important decisions you could ever make?   


Ready to take the next step
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What They are Saying?

“I am a new and improved Me because of Fletcher and his remarkable coaching abilities. I learned how to create the life I want, the life I love and the life I deserve. I learned to stay in action every day. Fletcher’s coaching sessions taught me to re-train my brain. I learned how to re-focus my thoughts and change my attitude toward myself and others. I changed from being a “goal setter” to a “goal getter.”I learned to handle setbacks with much more grace and perspective. I have a new perspective on how I can best serve, contribute, and care for who and what is important to me. I am living the life I want. I am grateful to Fletcher!”

Kim S. , Real Estate Professional, Better Properties

“Fletcher helped grow our company from a $200K a year company to a multi-million dollar a year company. As a result of implementing the principles and tools in his courses our company more than 10x its revenues. My advice: Sign up, listen up and implement his program asap.”

Chris R., Sungraphic

“Before Fletcher’s course I was making progress in business, but I felt stressed, spread thin, and anxious if I didn’t keep at it, I would lose all I had worked for. At the same time, I wasn’t feeling connected to my friends, family, or even myself. Fletcher helped me see I was living a false reality and I could have it all, success doesn’t have to come at the expense of personal fulfillment. My business has expanded in ways I didn’t believe possible without sacrificing my relationships. Once Fletcher helped me see I was limiting my potential in my mind I was able to get clarity on what actions to take to achieve my new goals. I have so much more confidence in myself and that I can handle the challenges that come up in life gracefully and not get discouraged. I now have the tools to stay positive, hopeful, energized, effective, confident, connected, and most of all I recognize it’s my decision, my life is in my control, and no one, no circumstance can take that away from me. I am truly living a life of beauty.”

Sydney G., Co-Owner, KW Real Estate NCW

“I have developed a deeper understanding of how my thinking directly impacts the outcome of my life, desires and wishes. This relates to all aspects of my life. My marriage is stronger, personal relationships as well as business relationships have become stronger. I’ve learned more about who I am as a husband, employer and friend. I’m richer in so many ways as a result of working with Fletcher.”

Bruce C., LMT & Business Owner

“I’ve read a ton of great books, watched videos and listened to podcasts about everything from “The Secret” to Tony Robbins to Wayne Dyer to Mel Robbins and on and on. What Fletcher has done is to take a mountain of transformational wisdom, knowledge and information and repackage it in a way that drills down to the core of changing beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes. It is a beautiful blend of behavioral science and psychology, structured in a logical format for maximum impact. Before the course I was talking a lot about dreams like writing a book but not getting it done. After the course, I’m writing almost every day with a renewed joy and passion, I am meditating and I’m noticing my thoughts and beliefs. I am a much happier person…and I feel empowered with practical tools to continue to grow and change. It was a game changer.”

Shannon M. , High School Teacher

“I admit I was initially a little skeptical about how helpful this course was going to be. Man, was I pleasantly surprised! The content is rock solid and the frequent check-ins force me to stay accountable. I’ve made more progress on my financial and health goals in three months than I have in the past few years. I’ve signed up three huge clients for my business, am now running every day, eating healthy, and hit my weight loss goal. This has been such a great experience. Thank you!”

Chris W. , Online Marketer

“When I began my business coaching with Fletcher, I had a goal of doubling my sales volume and my income over the next year. While going through the program, my goal changed dramatically. I realized what I really wanted was a better work/life balance. I already made enough income to comfortably sustain my standard of living. I realized that I wanted to simplify my life and have more time for play and to enjoy my family. Fletcher helped me find clarity in what I really wanted out of life. Interestingly, my sales volume has increased substantially yet I am still finding plenty of time to play in between appointments. I am living in the moment nearly all the time and have come to a place of managing my mindset almost effortlessly. I have never been happier or more prosperous and I owe it to Fletcher for showing me a new way of thinking. I highly recommend his course. It hasn’t just been a value to my business but to my whole way of being.”

Shannon K. , Real Estate Professional

“This course redirected my thought process about life. I was missing major pieces and they are identified now.  I think about and set goals and am getting different and improved outcomes!  Thank you Fletcher!”

Kathy K. , Veterinarian

“I was wearing all sorts of hats in my professional life and was in a period of transition in my career. This was causing me anxiety and frustration. Fletcher helped me find clarity in the most fundamental way possible by rebuilding my mental programming and structuring it in a way that caused me to change my thoughts which led to different actions which led to attainable results. Well worth the investment that will pay lucrative dividends in my life for years to come.”

Enrique A. , Business Owner

“Being successful at business is not a matter of if you have what it takes or not. It’s a learned behavior. You have to learn it and practice it often. Fletcher has taught me how to change my mindset around business, to think, act, and operate as an entrepreneur. And my business is expanding tenfold because of it!”

Meg R. , Photographer

“I was hesitant to do this program. I’ve been through various counseling and sales training type stuff before. I never felt as if I got anything out of it. I have always scoffed at self-help books as something for weak-minded people… I felt working harder, regardless of my mental state, was really the key to life…  But eventually, I became a sad and depressed malcontent…I decided to trust Fletcher. I am so glad I did… He showed me how to truly live free and not be burdened by my own self-created mental hell. It’s not woo-woo or religion, it isn’t a bunch of hyped-up sales lingo, what Fletcher does is real.  He gave me the tools which allow me to be in control of my state of being, my emotions, and my fears.”

David B. , Coldwell Banker Real Estate Professional

“I am an aspiring author. Before the course, I had struggled to write consistently. I would make excuses or procrastinate or get stuck in my head editing and criticizing every word that made it onto the page. I had lost hope that I would ever finish my book or that it would be any good. As a result of the course, I am now writing every day and enjoying the creative process again. I’m having FUN again! Writing is a JOY again. I’m making amazing progress and I actually know and believe I will finish this book. I feel so much happier in my life and in my creative pursuits.”

Shannon M. , Author

“Fletcher was very helpful to our family by working to make the issues we are tackling more fun, light, and approachable- propelling us into positive forward-moving action. If you want to get off Freud’s old couch- get into action with Fletcher!”

Todd E. , Entrepreneur

“I wanted to be less reactive and more in control of my inner thoughts.  To do this, I needed to clearly see when and why I was reacting. I was able to do this with this Fletcher. I now more clearly see my triggers to negative and reactive thought, and I can now, step back, pause, detach, and respond in a more self-serving way. I am learning how to value my inner self more and create a life that serves me, without guilt or apologies.”

Karen S. , Attorney

“Fletcher challenged me to recognize my own potential for bringing success, prosperity, and peace into my life. My self-image improved, my relationships become stronger and more meaningful and my anxiety and stress greatly diminished. Fletcher helped me to understand how I was stopping myself from accessing the life I really wanted to manifest. I also learned to be comfortable with daily meditation which changed the way I approach my day. Once I learned what was preventing me from mastering my destiny, I knew what to do to reach my full potential. I am on my way to the life I desire and deserve!”

Kim S. , Entrepreneur

“Every once in a while you come across an individual who has characteristics that are so dynamic that you’re simply drawn to them as a person. Fletcher Ellingson is one of those people – positivity, strong work ethic, and a never give up attitude is the winning combination of this man next to me. He goes beyond what we commonly think of as a life coach; he is a motivator, an accountability coach, an inspirational guide through the journey of life.”

Kory K. , High School Principal

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